Etendre #BuddyPress – Partie 2 : Concevoir le Composant BP Checkins 1.0

Crédits Photo Typecast de Brett Jordan, sur Flickr

Voici le deuxième épisode de la série que j’avais démarrée avec l’exploration du composant Activité de BuddyPress.

A la fin de ce précédent épisode, j’ai annoncé que j’expliquerai comment je construis des plugins BuddyPress en utilisant la classe BP_Component.

Aussi, comme la version 1.0 de BP Checkins utilise désormais cette classe, j’ai trouvé intéressant de m’appuyer sur ce plugin pour réaliser ce tutoriel. Une fois que vous l’aurez lu et si toutefois, vous l’avez apprécié je vous serai super reconnaissant si vous pouviez m’aider en beta testant cette nouvelle version du plugin.

Je vous propose donc un 2 en 1 !! Raccourcis / Shortcuts

Quoi de neuf dans cette version ?

Désormais, les checkins ont aussi un environnement dédié. Il est possible de les enrichir d’une photo.

Envie de partager un endroit que vous aimez, un évènement avec la communauté . Postez une place!

Vous êtes un Foursquare addict ? Importez vos checkins dans votre blog 🙂

Vous rencontrez un bug avec cette beta ?

Merci de me faire parvenir vos feedbacks au choix :

Et hop, je me sauve pour préparer ma valoche ! Décollage pour Mallorque demain 6h00, je ferai des checkins de là bas 🙂

23 commentaires sur “Etendre #BuddyPress – Partie 2 : Concevoir le Composant BP Checkins 1.0

  1. Is there a way to activate photo uplouds from within the users or group activity stream rather than just from the checkins component page?

    1. no, i didnt make this available as a lot of plugins are doing it like activity plus for instance. And the activity stream uses a textarea, in my component i use a contenteditable div. So i prefer not adding some mess in profile or group activity. Thanks for your comment, and sorry i cant go in the direction you want.

  2. That’s very disappointing to hear. I’m currently using the AP (Activity Plus) plugin for activity photos and been looking for a way to let people check-in as well. So I tried using your plugin with the AP plugin and it wont post my check-in when I attach a photo, basically renders the check-in plugin useless with any other attachments to the activity stream. I love how native your plugin looks in the activity form and it’s a shame users will not be able to simply add photos with there check-in to any group they are subscribe to.

    1. Well they can do it in the checkins area. i’ll look at activity plus as soon as i come back from holidays. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Hello @ spade5702,

    I’ve installed BuddyPress Activity Plus, and i think i’ve fixed the trouble, i need to make some tests to be sure it’s not breaking other things, but i can tell you it will be ok for version 1.0 of BP Checkins : you’ll be able to add media thanks to activity plus with your checkins in the main activity dir or the group one.

  4. Its Working with Activity Plus, just for making probably one of the best plugins ever for buddypress (actually I believe it is now) you would need to add another icon next to activity plus icons where you can choose a community place to make checkins, and adding the ability in checkins screen to choose what place you are going to do checkins (foursquare detects where are you and places around).

    Im not fed up to say, GREAT JOB MATE!

  5. Hello imath,

    Thanks for updating the plugin!!! I’ve installed 1.0 with BP 1.6 and WP 3.4.1. I’ve also enabled image uploads on the Dashboard. I also have BP Activity Plus activated. I am able to checkin however, I do not have the ability to attach a photo to the checkin as demonstrated in the video above. I do not see the icon to attach an image. Any suggestions?

    My site is live but it is non-production, so I can provide you with credentials if you would like to experiment a bit? Thanks!


  6. Hello @ Quint,

    Thanks for your interest and comment about BP Checkins. Image uploads in the places/checkins component uses some HTML5 API that may not be available for your browser (i know it’s ok with chrome and not ok with safari for instance).

  7. Hi Imath,
    Thanks for this plugins I have been testing it locally and have a few suggestions and screen grab or two I would like to send you on if, I could get an email address to send them too!


  8. Hi Imath

    The latest version works great with BP 1.7 bleeding…Thanks for this..Would request your inputs on the following

    1. picture uploads are only on the checkin page and not on activity and group sections..can the option to upload pictures be given on activity+group section also?

    2. In activity+group section the older checkin options come in (refresh for example is not there and only close option is there) possible to have new checkin options in activity+group section?

    3. we had discussed before about optimizing checkins for mobile devices..were there some optimizations done regarding this?

    4. Possible if your bookmarklet plugin allows to add location using bp checkin when a user does a activity/group update?

    Kindly do let me know

    1. Hi, thanks for your feedback. Actually, the plugin is not ready yet for BuddyPress 1.7. I’m still working on it in order to take benefit of bp theme compat. If for example you change your theme for twentytwelve : plugin is not behaving the right way.
      I first need to correct this.

  9. Thanks for your reply imath….worked fine for me on the bp-default for 1.7 bleeding when i tested…regarding my query..possible to get that refresh of checkin in activity/group updates? Kindly do let me know…thanks…

  10. i am using 1.7 beta and commons in a box theme – bp-checkins 1.1 is working partially (places can be created, but i cannot check in). i will check 1.2 tomorrow.

    what i was wondering about is why you did not add microformat data to places. that would be the most awesome extension of functionality of the current plugin, right after mobile optimization 😉

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