Des rencontres contributives autonomes sur WordPress

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Hi everyone,

I’ve just sent an application to organize a serie of standalone contributor days to WordPress Community Support (WPCS). To be fully transparent about it and in order to share with you my first ideas, I thought the simpliest was to include the content of my application’s email below. Feel free to comment if it inspires you ideas or questions.

Thanks for reading it.

In April 24, 2019, the WordCamp Paris hosted its very first contributor day. As the WordCamp Paris primary organizer and more globally as a WordPress contributor this was a meeting I absolutely wanted to put together. One of my hope was to take this opportunity to achieve these goals :

  1. build a french documentation about how to get started about contributing to WordPress,
  2. write about how to organize this specific type of WordPress events,
  3. Inspire other WordCamp cities in France to also organize contributor days during their events.

During the making of WordCamp Paris 2019, the contributor day co-organizers and I took some time to organize 6 contributor meetups :

We also worked on points 1 & 2. But there is still a lot to do in the documentation area.

The first WordCamp Paris contributor day was great and gathered 76 contributors. But I believe we have not accomplished 100% of what I was planning to do. In particular when we consider the 3rd goal (Inspire other french WordCamps), I guess we still have to find ways to progress on it.

I am convinced, as part of the french community, we need to promote a lot more these contributor meetings and I must say what have accomplished the italian community about it is very inspiring.

A few days ago, I’ve thrown a bottle into the Twitter sea to evaluate if I could get some interests & help from contributors and sponsors.

Voir l’original sur Twitter

The replies and likes the tweet got made me very enthousiastic about it and..

I’ve decided to apply to put together standalone contributor meetings.

I’ve added an “s” to “meeting” because my project is to perform a France tour. The first stage will happen in Paris (very likely the day after the WordCamp Paris 2020). The next city stages are not scheduled yet but I have a plan to start filling the blanks.

I’ve used “contributor meetings” instead of “contributor days” because I believe it gives us more freedom about duration and format: we can do contributor mornings, afternoons, days, evenings, nights, etc.

Who is us ?

For now it’s only me, but everyone wishing to contribute to this project is very welcome. My idea is to have an online place to discuss & share about this project very openly.

I think not having to register to a specific Slack to read the informations about the project will maximize our chance to get contributors & even more so new ones. By the way & anyway, Slack’s free plan does not match the needs for openness & to always be able to look back into history.

“Us” is everyone as I said and I hope it will include :

  • local meetup organizers wishing to put up contributor nights,
  • WordCamp organizers wanting to add a contributor day to their event,
  • contributors wishing to be involved into the making of the event they registered to,
  • in kind sponsors contributing by hosting the event or taking in charge the food/drinks.

Who is me ?

I’m imath. I’ve been contributing to WordPress for 10 years, I participated to my first contributor day on March 20 in 2015 (BuddyPress table at WordCamp London) and it was a really great experience. In 2017, I contributed to the WCEU contributor day organization and this was an awesome experience. In 2018 & 2019 I’ve contributed to the WordCamp Paris organization, coordinating it. I’m a BuddyPress Core developer since January 2014 and I joined the WordPress Community team in July 2019.

The main/first need

A website is the first (and probably only) need I have. Ideally I think it would be great to have a subsite with the o2 & handbook plugins activated. As some countries (eg: it, es, nl)  have a /community area, I believe this would be nice to use this opportunity to also have it for France to :

  • log the WordCamps history,
  • introduce the existing WordPress meetups,
  • give a space for upcoming contributor meetings.

The o2 plugin would make it possible to discuss publicly about any french community topics and using tags and/or categories it would be possible to manage the contributor meetings by cities.

The handbook plugin would make it possible to have a translated version of the WordCamp/Meetup/Contributor events handbooks hosted on the Make/Community site.

These translated versions as well as the pages to introduce the existing official WordPress events of the French community could be written during the standalone contributor meetings.

Having the website on would be a real benefit and very convenient as we need a user account to contribute, but it’s not a blocker: if it’s not possible I’ll use an external site (I first thought about freely hosting it on, but it lacks the handbook plugin).

Thanks for your time and happy to discuss about the project in a more detailed way.


I got a first reply to the email I’ve sent to the WordPress Community Support team. The advice was to share about this project into the WordPress Community blog. Here’s the post ! Feel free to contribute to the conversation 🙂

4 commentaires sur “Des rencontres contributives autonomes sur WordPress

  1. Une super idée comme toujours ! Ça me permettrait de sauter le pas en m’investissant un peu plus dans la commu, décision que je procrastine depuis trop longtemps pour un tas de bonnes ou mauvaises raisons.

    Je suis dispo pour discuter d’une étape à Marseille, ça ferait un excellent moyen d’attirer un peu plus de monde à contribuer car il y a finalement peu de pros qui mettent en avant leur expertise WP dans la région.

    Au plaisir d’échanger à ce sujet prochainement ! 🙂

    1. Merci pour ton retour et ton enthousiasme Jason. Je pense que Marseille sera une magnifique étape 🙂 Dés que j’ai des nouvelles de ma candidature, je t’en fais part 👌

  2. Hello Mathieu,
    Tu n’as pas eu de nouvelles concernant cette magnifique idée ? Tiens-moi au courant de l’avancement du projet. J’aimerais en faire partie d’une manière ou d’une autre. Merci 🙏

    1. Salut Éric,

      Si! J’ai reçu une réponse mercredi dernier 🙂 On m’a conseillé de partager l’idée sur le Make de l’équipe « Community ». Je vais m’en occuper ce week-end en développant un peu plus le besoin d’un site sur

      Merci de ton volontariat 😍. Dés que j’aurai publié l’article sur le site de l’équipe communautaire de WordPress je te communique son lien 👍.

      À très vite.

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