GutenBlocks, les tout premiers blocs #WordPress que j’ai conçus

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Hi dear readers,

To prepare my personal site to be updated to the latest WordPress version, for instance the 5.8 one, I always test it on my local development environment making sure its configuration is the same than this site (same theme and same plugins). Once I’ve finished my tests, I backup my database and the files inside the wp-content directory of my site and then I click on the upgrade button from the WordPress Administration screen of my site.

I usually do this earlier during the WordPress release process by starting as soon as the first beta is made available. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find the time to do it this time, that’s why I’m late at updating the plugin I use to group my personal collection of blocks « GutenBlocks ». If you are using this plugin and WordPress 5.8, I strongly advise you to update it to enjoy the improvements I brought to it.

Reminder: here are the 3 bundled blocks of my collection

About the Block to embed a code snippet hosted on, the « GutenBlocks » 1.6.0 version improves the display of the form allowing you to paste the URL to your Gist in order to make it more in line with the way WordPress Embed blocks are designed. It should better integrate into your Block Editors (the one for your posts and the one for your widgets). I created this block a little less than 3 years ago and this update – considering the improvements WordPress Embed Blocks got in the meantime – was really necessary. Please note you can enjoy an improved and independent version of this Block using the « Bout de Code » one.

I also updated the Dubber Block, the one that lets you dub your content into another language, in order to disable it when you are editing Widget Blocks. Indeed, this block assumes that you are displaying the single page of a post to read its content in the language of the site or the available alternative language (most of the time the American – en_US). However, a widget can be displayed on any page of your site: it seems important to me to work on a broader adaptation of the block so that the loading of the content in another language is done without reloading the page, using for example a custom endpoint of the WordPress REST API.

Finally, the block to show a card of your GitHub repository release, nothing has changed! You’ll be able to check it reading the chapter about downloading « GutenBlocks » 1.6.0 later in this post.

By the way this post is using the 3 bundled blocks of my collection! If you’d like to read this content in french, you can click on the corresponding flag under Markus’ picture. You’ll also find below a code snippet hosted on showing how I’m disabling the Dubber Block when you’re editing Widget Blocks.


The « GutenBlocks » plugin is hosted on GitHub and registered into the Entrepôt. If you are using the Entrepôt, you’ll be able to install/upgrade with a single click. Otherwise, you’ll need to use the WordPress Plugin Upload area to upload the ZIP archive you can download below.