Manage GitHub.com hosted WordPress plugin & theme installations and updates thanks to Entrep么t. Enjoy this alternative way to expose free and public repositories inside WordPress powered Sites鈥 Administration.

I am a user.

Welcome! All you have to do is to download and install the Entrep么t plugin in order to list the registered Theme or Plugin repositories from the Entrep么t tab of the corresponding Administration screens.

Plugin repositories

The Entrep么t tab into the 鈥淎dd Plugins鈥 Administration screen.

A user guide is available on the Entrep么t GitHub repository to help you find its tab into your 鈥淎dd Plugins鈥 Administration screen.

Theme repositories

The customizer section of the Entrep么t

Read more about the available ways to browse, install, activate and upgrade the registered Themes of the Entrep么t.

I am a plugin author.

You are very welcome too! If, like me, you do not host (anymore) your plugins on the 鈥淲ordPress.org Directory鈥 but still want to ease your users lives when installing and upgrading your free and public GitHub hosted plugins: add them to the Entrep么t! Read this documentation and submit your 鈥淧ull Requests鈥 to give even more choices to users.

I am a theme author

You can join the Entrep么t too! Make your users life easier when they need to install and upgrade your theme repositories hosted on GitHub. Read about how you can simply register your themes using a 芦聽Pull Request聽禄.

Spread Entrep么t all over the world!

Use this embed code https://imathi.eu/entrepot/translate/en-us/ within your WordPress sites to inform about Entrep么t and contribute to its growth.